Your user account can get corrupt, and the apps on your system can run into errors. However, creating a new user account can help you fix the not responding issue on uTorrent whenever you download a file. Finally, after deleting the app data launch the uTorrent app and start downloading the files. After you disable the proxy servers on your system, go back to uTorrent and try to download a file to check if you were able to resolve the not responding error. Most of the time why uTorrent crashes or does not respond is because it is not able to access your system’s resources.

Uninstalled all reference to nortons but it keeps reactivating the old version and norton claims all 3 were activated. Still, each of these VPNs has very limited free plans, be it bandwidth, servers, or speed. Although some users claim that older versions like the 2.1.1 version of uTorrent are better than the more recent ones, I’d still recommend updating your software regularly.

Add a Firewall Exception

It’s very nice article, I was really stuck every time. UTorrent is banned on most secure, not full of ads trackers. I hope this article answers your questions about uTorrent and gives you peace of mind when it comes to your online privacy and security. Depending on the country you reside in, using uTorrent to download pirated content can vary from small-scale penalties and warnings to hefty fines or even imprisonment. The best version of uTorrent is the latest version of the software.

It starts with just one file called utorrent.exe that runs in the background of your system. Whenever you want to do something on the software , there will be an icon at the top left corner labeled “utorrent” which opens up all these options! You don’t need any special installation process because it doesn’t require much space. BitTorrent protocol assists users in sharing content with each other in a safe way.

utorrent getting blocked

It is supposed to slow down viruses because their spreading strategy is to connect to a high amount of ip numbers, but it also cripples your torrent downloads. Hi guys i m using bsnl broadband connection and my downloading speed is 1.8mbps with the use of idm.. But wheni want to download ny torrent using utorrent or bit torrent it just rmains arround 3kbps to 30kbps …. And i have read that spped of downloading depends on peers and seeds and leches .. But current i want to download a file which is having seeds and approximatly same no of peers aswel ..

Windows 10 Will Not Install Utorrent

The option to update the tracker is available in both the clients – BitTorrent and uTorrent. By simply clicking on this option, you can fix the BitTorrent or uTorrent not downloading/connecting to peers issue. To perform the process, simply right-click on the torrent file you want to download and select Update Tracker.

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